Keyrenter Utah – Property Management and Rentals

Keyrenter Utah is the property management company that gets the job done. With the commitment to pursue proactive solutions and the flexibility to deal with a changing market, success is highly possible!


As reported in the Salt Lake Tribune, Utah is one of the coveted options for investment opportunities in rental properties. What better way to reap the benefits of this finding than to let Keyrenter help you in this! The Utah housing market is home to thousands of properties and dozens of property management companies, and you only need that one good choice – Keyrenter.


More than just being a trend, our team of qualified professionals can help rent out properties while you get a good return on investment. We also specialize on taking away the burdens of home rental search as we readily offer an aggregate of rental options for potential tenants.

Tenancy can be a real headache, and we want to be part of the process of:

Advertising your property to tenants with the use of up to date content marketing strategies

  • Screening tenants with a procedure that is proven to be effective and efficient
  • Inspecting the properties for thorough assessment on its physical value and financial standing
  • Educating both investors and tenants alike about the responsibility of each party towards caring for the property and keeping it functional
  • Facilitating timely payments
  • Providing a network of contractors who can lend a hand in customary home repairs and inspections

Keyrenter Utah has already been a key player in the property management industry for  over 8 years and we have made use of this time to study, reflect and implement necessary actions that lead towards concrete actions.


If you want someone else to be responsible for your properties or someone actively pursuing rental units that you can call your next home, Keyrenter Utah is a call away! Call us today at (801)783-1300!