We are a team that cares about outcomes. Nothing is more important than our clients, residents, team, and the community in which we live and work. Because we own rental property and believe they are the best long-term financial investment, we are passionate about what we do and offer a unique understanding of your property management needs.

CORE Values:

  1. Relationships First
    • Relationships are the foundation of our success
    • Delight people through WOW service
    • Never leave people in the dark
    • Consider the customer in all we do
  2. Together as a Team
    • Unified Team, creating win-win solutions
    • Fun, creative, competitive, and awesome!
    • Loose lips sink ships (no gossip)
  3. The Real Deal
    • Take action before something happens
    • Know where we are going and focused on results
    • Do what you say you will do
  4. Never Settle
    • Know your seat, know your stuff
    • Always learning and improving
    • Embrace technology to make it simple
    • Never give up
  5. Do the Right Thing, Period
    • Run it like you own it
    • On time
    • Blame no one

CORE Focus:

Creating Wealth Through Real Estate®

Our committed team of professionals provide rental owners and tenants the best proactive property management solution through our innovative processes and excellent communication and service.


We are the industry leader in the U.S. for real estate investments and property management, with thousands of client investors and tens of thousands of properties in our portfolio. With hundreds of offices, Keyrenter is a household name known for its outstanding reputation, giving, and community service efforts through Keyrenter Cares. Having been voted “Best Place to Work,” we attract top talent to the Team.