Essential Tips for Rental Homes Owners

For the first time rental property investor, managing your rental home can be challenging. However, with the right knowledge, it is possible to make rental home ownership an enjoyable and profitable venture. In this article, we look at some useful …

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Tax-Filling Tips for Landlords

As a landlord, did you know that you technically own a business? You do! This means that you need to file your taxes a bit differently. Depending on how you titled your rental property, some changes can be more complex.... read more

How To Properly Insure Your Rental Property

As a landlord, you are probably already aware of the importance of insurance, but insuring a rental property is different than insuring one’s primary, personal residence. With some time and research however, it is not difficult to understand. When shopping... read more

Why Keyrenter?

Our win-win business model was a project of love, painstakingly engineered to reduce work time, effort and stress for everyone involved, while you and your clients build a secure financial future.

No prior experience in real estate or property management …

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Will you pay my monthly bills for me?

Yes, through our accounting system we can easily pay most of your monthly bills. Typically our owners will pay HOA dues and mortgages. We pay bills on the 1st of each month.   To view more FAQ’s go... read more

How much can my investment property lease for?

Your lease rate is going to be determined by several market factors including the condition of the property, location, and the rental rates for competing homes in the immediate area. Unfortunately, the markets that dictate lease rates vary vastly from... read more

Keyrenter Kares

Keyrenter Property Management We are a committed group of individuals from different backgrounds, upbringings, and beliefs working together to give back to the community we love, the world we live in, and the people around us that need friends who... read more

2013 Legislation Update

As members of the Government Affairs Committee for the UAA, we strive to be involved on a state and local level to see that any changes in legislation are for your benefit.  We also work with the UAA to work... read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Vote!

1) It is your right and obligation as a US citizen. You are one of the few in this world that have the freedom to elect your political leaders. Exercise this freedom! 2) So you have the right to voice... read more

New Mobile Site

We have launched our new mobile site for, hopefully this makes mobile navigation much easier!... read more

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