When you are drafting a lease agreement for your tenants before they move in, it’s hard to forget the big, important things like how much the rent costs and who is responsible for maintenance. However, there are plenty of other items that should be included in the agreement that can easily get left out.

Leaving items out of the lease agreement means that, legally, any verbal agreement you have with your tenant might not hold up in court if the tenant were to go against your wishes while renting the property. That’s why getting it all down on the first go around is so important.

Drafting the Lease Agreement

When you sit down to write up the lease agreement with your attorney or property manager, you need to ask yourself a series of questions. What sort of issues do you want to avoid? What problems do you anticipate happening? How much uniformity do you want between your rental properties? What sort of decorations might be a problem?

Along the lines of those questions, you might want to include the following in your lease agreement:

  • – Approved decorations and/or window hangings
  • – What types (if any) of pets are allowed and which are not
  • – Whether or not there is a grace period for rent payments
  • – What cleaning fees/damage repair fees the tenant would be charged after moving out
  • – The timeline for getting the deposit back

There are plenty more items that you might forget on your lease agreement that will be specific to your property, so make sure to discuss them with a property management or real estate law professional.

Tired of Drafting Leases and Managing Your Rental Property?

There is an alternative to managing all this paperwork all on your own; you can hire a property manager to help you and take some of the weight off your shoulders. For more information about property management in Utah, call Keyrenter at (844)-KEY-RENT today!