Cash Flow is King with Aaron Marshall 

Like a lot of people, Keyrenter CEO Aaron Marshall’s journey to financial freedom and entrepreneurship has taken some unexpected turns and setbacks. But with those surprises, there’s been a lot of opportunity along the way. 

Marshall was recently featured on the Path to Freedom podcast with host Wes Barefoot. They discussed how Marshall got started in property management, real estate investing to build wealth, the benefits of franchising, and his new book.  

From his first job as a real estate agent to his current role as CEO of a national property management franchise, Marshall learned by doing. He rolled up his sleeves and figured it out. As a young real estate agent, it took Marshall nine months to close this first deal! But within a few years, he would become a top-selling agent closing dozens of deals each month.  

Marshall also discusses his new book Cash Flow is King: Creating Wealth Through Real Estate. It focuses on the advice Marshall would give to his younger self, and readers, to invest in that first property.