Ok, your tenant’s lease is up in a few weeks or months, and they are ready to vacate your rental home or property, where do you start to prep your rental house to attract premium tenants? tenants expect to enter an immaculate property, and meeting their expectations may be a daunting process especially for a novice in property management. So, how do you prepare your property for rental? It’s quite straightforward; learn how to clean a rental house before move in. Take time to clean to ensure your property never receives cleanliness complaints from potential tenants. Besides, cleaning increases the value of your property. Here are handy rental property cleaning tips on how to clean a rental house before moving in, to ensure you get the tick of approval for tenants, improve reviews and increase bookings.

How to clean a rental house before moving in: Kitchen

Before showing your property, you’ll want it to give it a deep clean and fresh feeling. Cleaning the kitchen can be tough. Break the process down into manageable sections. You can start by emptying all shelves and cupboards. Clean the inside and out and don’t forget to wipe with a clean, dry cloth. If you have wooden floors in the kitchen vacuum, mop and make use of wooden floor cleaner. The oven can be quite scary if left unchecked. Make sure to use an oven cleaner and clean out the stove. Also make sure other appliances such as the refrigerator, dish washer, washing machines are spotlessly clean. The back of most appliances is often dusty and full of cobwebs. Clean them well.

Remove the clutter

More often than not, after a move-out, the house is full of clutter. Even a clean house is displeasing to the eye if it is messy and everything is disorganized. While you’ll have to learn how to clean a rental house before moving in, you can change the appearance of your property for the better by clearing out the clutter. Consider getting rid of clutter as killing two birds with one stone since you will tidy your home and create more space in the house. This way, your rental property will look neater when tenants or property managers in Utah visit for an inspection.

How to clean a rental house before moving in: Bathroom

The biggest factor in getting good reviews and attracting premium tenants is having a clean house. And this includes the bathroom. No matter how careful and rigorous people are; when it comes to keeping the bathroom clean, over the course of use, blemishes, stains, and limescale are bound to happen. Limescale is not only disgusting but also leaves an ugly mineral build up. Thoroughly scrub and clean the bathroom floor, shower, sink, toilet, and bathtub. Also, ensure that plug holes and drains are free of debris and make sure water runs quickly. Make use of approved cleaners for best results.


You should inspect your walls for dirty marks, scratches or scuffs. Can you wash them off? If not, paint them over with an emulsion of the same color. Repainting the walls is worth it especially when there are a lot of marks on the walls. Fill any nail holes that are present with wall filler putty and paint over. You don’t want tenants to find too many of these, or they might walk away and give you bad reviews. However, when cleaning walls, be careful not to paint over molds. Get rid of the mold if any, clean the walls, repaint then open the windows for aeration.


Before a property manager in Utah showcases your house, you want to make sure you vacuum your furniture and clean the furnishings. When cleaning furniture, it’s best to use a dry wash solution. This is a great solution especially if the previous tenant smocked or lived with pets or small children. When your house is clean, and your upholstery looks pristine, you not only attract residents but also increase the value of your rental property. For wooden furniture, look for scratches, dings and scuff marks then use coffee-grounds and almonds. For a better finish, use wood polish, and your furniture will look brand new.


If your property has a front/backyard garden or swimming pool, it is essential that you get it looking lush. First impressions are everything. You’re outdoors will tell a lot about the property owner. While maintaining a garden is a massive investment, it will draw the attention of premium tenants. Regularly clean and maintain your garden and exterior. Clean the swimming pool, sweep up debris and leaves from patio areas and hose down any decking. Repair broken gates, prune bushes, weed the garden and mow the lawns to keep your exterior looking plush.

DIY or outsource?

A move in can be stressful especially when you have to clean after a tenant has vacated the house. If you reside in Utah, you might be considering cleaning your rental property all by yourself. However, are you up to deep cleaning all your rental condos and apartments by yourself? Instead, why not hire a property management in Utah with experience on how to clean your house before a move in? The truth is Professionals are reliable and are adept in their line of work. As a result, they know the cheapest and fastest ways to clean and transform your property. Moreover, if you don’t reside in Utah but own rental property there, you can comfortably entrust property managers in Utah with that responsibility. But before you outsource, ask the following questions:

• What are the rates for a scheduled cleaning for an apartment rental?

• Are emergency/last minute options available?

• How many people are on the team?

• Are the services comprehensive?

As a rental property owner, it is imperative that you keep your rental property in top form. Sadly, this is easier said than done. When showing a vacant house, you need to establish a cleaning routine that covers all areas of the space and leave nothing out. The provided tips on ” How to clean a rental house before moving in” are helpful, but in no way do they encompass everything on how to clean a rental house before moving in. Therefore, hiring a reputable property management company in Utah may be your best option.