Keyrenter Property Management, a nationwide leader in residential property management, is excited to announce an aggressive 3-year franchise growth plan. The thriving franchise system anticipates growing to 130 franchise partners through 2022, representing more than a 200% increase in franchise partners over the next three years.

Keyrenter’s CEO and Co-Founder, Aaron Marshall, has spent the past six years growing Keyrenter into a national brand. Under his leadership, Keyrenter has grown to 42 territories in 19 states since the company began franchising in 2014. Marshall expects Keyrenter to award 88 new franchises over the next three years.

Keyrenter Property Management is heading into this new decade with a full head of steam. By the end of 2020 the brand intends to achieve:

  • Adding at least 25 new franchise partners and 68 new territories nationwide.
  • Managing 6,500 households — nearly doubling its current rental inventory.
  • Breaking the $11 million mark in systemwide revenue.

The company’s 2020 goals are just the beginning of their aggressive 3-year expansion plan! By December 31, 2022, Keyrenter intends to achieve:

  • Working with 130 active franchise partners operating more than 200 territories in the United States and internationally — representing more than a 375% increase in locations.
  • Managing 16,500 households — more than four times the number of households served today.
  • Generating more than $50 million in systemwide revenue.

“Keyrenter’s proven success as a leader in the property management industry is what inspired us to create this aggressive list of goals,” said Marshall. “I am 100% confident we will crush these goals, thanks to our proactive property management solutions that make Keyrenter the perfect choice for property owners who find it difficult to manage their investments by themselves.”

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About Keyrenter Property Management

Keyrenter Property Management, based in Midvale, Utah, is the nation’s leading residential property management franchise. Founded in 2007, Keyrenter began franchising in 2014 to help aspiring business owners and real estate brokers capitalize on the more than 43 million households occupied by renters throughout the United States.

Keyrenter has quickly grown to 42 territories across 19 states. Thousands of client investors work with Keyrenter franchise partners from coast to coast to manage tens of thousands of properties in their portfolios. As the ratio of renters to buyers continues to rise, Keyrenter plans to expand to 68 or more locations by December 31, 2020.

Defined by its core values, Keyrenter is a household name known for its outstanding reputation and ongoing community service efforts powered by Keyrenter Cares. Frequently recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work,” Keyrenter attracts top talent at the national and local level to make sure all customers receive elite customer service.

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