Keyrenter property management was recently ranked number 25 in Entrepreneur Magazines Top New Franchise list. The list by Entrepreneur Magazine was released in recognition of the best 100 companies that have been in the industry for less than five years. In addition to being among the Top New Franchise, we also made it to the Annual Top 500 list that was released in January this year.

According to Jason Feifer, the editor in chief of Entrepreneur, the 2017 rankings attracted several franchise concepts that were highly competitive. The companies that submitted their franchise concepts are new in the industry but are making impressive progress in the industry. Feifer added that those companies are already taking the world by storm and are getting noteworthy attention in the franchise industry for providing innovative products and services. The technology used by these companies is equally impressive and is integrated into their marketing strategies.

Making it to the top of the New Franchises list is attributable to our commitment to excellence in service delivery. In the last ten years, we have been providing management services to many homeowners across all states. We have been giving the best services to entrepreneurs looking for the best property management franchise in the country.

Property management has become the perfect choice for homeowners looking for the perfect franchise fit. In the country, we have capitalized on the rising number of renters. Other factors that have been making the market favorable include:

  • The increasing need for property managers in the country
  • The high demand for rental houses since people must have a place to reside
  • Low households incomes that have made many people prefer to rent houses as opposed to purchasing homes
  • Tightened money lending restrictions in the fiscal policies that have denied people loans to buy homes

The Entrepreneur’s 2017 Top New Franchises ranking was arrived at using the company’s 500 formula. The company’s 500 formula is a comprehensive assessment of more than 150 data points from companies in several areas. Being number 25 in the list implies that we satisfied the evaluation made on areas touching costs and fees, franchise support, financial prowess, and stability.

Our input and growth in the industry are attributable to various factors. For instance, people who rent single-family, condo, residential and multi-unit apartments in the country make up 37% of all households. In the last three years, people seeking to rent houses hit 1.25 million. With such a trend, there are many homeowners who are preferring to delegate the management of their housing property to us.

With over 43 million renting households in the country, the demand for property managers has been higher than ever before. We are having the best time for Keyrenter franchise since we have property managers to hire out to the required areas. Most of the rentals are occupied by single families having between 2 to 4 unit structures. Managing such families in a flat or large building becomes hectic for property owners. Such are the reasons that push homeowners to give the management of their houses to property managers. With over 20% of rentals in high–income neighborhoods, property owners are finding it more difficult to manage their premises by themselves. This has fueled the growth we are seeing in the industry over the past years.

If you own a rental property in Utah, we are here to help you save your time and avoid too much hassle. Keyrenter will save you huge amounts of money and time. We have both physical and online presence in your nearest town. We render real estate services to both property owners and tenants.

With our help, you can protect yourself against most rental problems that you are likely to encounter. We are a property management company in Utah that is ready to help you avoid rental problems. We ensure everyone is catered for including those aspiring to purchase their first homes, rent houses, or even build investment properties. We have embraced the use of technology and are available both online and physically near you. Keyrenter is committed to connecting tenants with the right property and at the same time help property owners manage their houses.

For the property owners, Keyrenter is willing and ready to help you increase your earnings at low management costs. We have property managers in Utah who are available in all locations. They will ensure your property is rented and that it has quality tenants who will protect and preserve your houses. There is a lot that will change at your premises including cooperation and on time rent payments.

The properties that a homeowner will put under Keyrenter management will fetch high returns on the investment made. As a property owner, you will understand that your business growth may be slower than businesses like fast food retails. Under our property managers in Utah, however, you will be assured that there will be returns within the desired time.

Those who will rent houses managed by Keyrenter also enjoy many benefits. The rental process in the premises we manage has been simplified and localized. You can easily assess the house you wish to rent and move in within the shortest duration. We have ensured that properties under the care of Keyrenter are friendly and welcoming to tenants.

We are not only a successful property management company in Utah, we are also among the top rate firms by Better Business Bureau in the region. Property owners who have found it difficult to manage their premises can trust our proactive nature, which has made us one of the leading property managers in the state of Utah. We will manage your houses professionally and ensure that you are accredited by NAA, UAA, and NARPM. With Keyrenter, your property is in safe hands!

Keyrenter has been franchising since 2014 with positive results. Subsequently, we look forward to reaching more states after already finding a home in 8 of them. We are fully committed to providing the best customer service and ensuring that every franchise owner succeeds in his or her investment.