Migrating to a new city or region can be a daunting prospect. If you want to ensure a smooth transition into your new life, you’ll need to perform extensive research on your destination; this includes making sure you know what to look for when deciding on a new home.

If you’re unsure of where to begin, here are a few key factors to get you started.

General Proximity

When choosing your new home, location is a huge factor. Paying a little extra—or, alternatively, sacrificing some modern luxuries—is often worth the long-term ability to work, shop, and entertain close to home.

Consider familiarizing yourself with traffic patterns by commuting from your prospective dwelling at several times throughout the day; horrendous rush hour traffic shouldn’t be an end-all, but be aware of it and factor it into your decision. Check out local attractions, grocery store options, and gas stations. Ideally, your home will be close enough to some of these locations to be convenient.

Size and Capacity

Do you need a three-bedroom, two-bathroom rental property all to yourself? You deserve to be comfortable—just don’t overdo it. The initial cost and the monthly rate aside—the larger the space, the higher the electrical bill. Heating or cooling an extra 300 cubic feet could be a deal breaker.

Instead of assuming bigger is better, think about what you actually need in terms of space and quality of living, and keep your search limited to properties fitting those criteria. You don’t need to be minimalistic by any means, but don’t be superfluous.


Particularly if you have children, you’ll want to pay attention to the surrounding areas. Schools, parks, a library—everything from how safe the crosswalks are to the general behavior of the local police department is worth scrutinizing.

The bottom line is that secure neighborhoods make for low-stress living. The decision won’t always be within your control, but the neighborhood dynamic cannot be overlooked.

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