A military servicewoman smiling while working at a desk.

Naturally, we think that owning a Keyrenter Property Management Franchise is an excellent opportunity for anybody, but there are certain people who do seem to be a particularly great fit for this business. We’re talking about men and women who have served in the military.

If you are a former service person, that may sound a little odd. After all, working in property management appears to have nothing to do with the military. That said, we have several reasons we think you may want to become a Keyrenter Property Management franchise owner.

A Property Management Franchise Requires a Leader

True, anybody who owns a franchise — doesn’t matter what kind, whether it’s in property management, retail or a restaurant — needs to be a self-starter. But when you work in property management, it does require confident leadership at the helm, and the military teaches excellent leadership qualities.

For instance, if you run a burger joint, if somebody gets upset because you didn’t give them enough fries, you can fix that pretty easily (hint: give them more French fries). If you have a tenant who is upset because the roof is leaking, a different skill set is required to solve the problem.

Even if things can be fixed easily with a leaky roof (i.e., grab a bucket and a tarp and make some phone calls), you need to be able to reassure the tenant that your calm and collected stewardship will make everything okay. You’re in the business of helping people live in their homes, not merely selling them a burger or T-shirt. That requires some steady leadership. Not everybody can pull that off.

It Helps If You’re Good with Logistics

Of course, if you were in the military, maybe your specialty was interpreting data or working in a public relations department. We get that not everybody in the military was out there in the heat of battle or overseeing a platoon. But property managers generally are in the thick of things, with tenants calling and emailing in problems, as well as all of the professionals who service a rental. You may be working with plumbers, exterminators, electricians, painters and any number of people.

The good news is that generally, you’re going to be dealing with multiple different property owners and tenants, and we have a feeling that what those folks dish out is nothing compared to what you experienced in the military. You may have long stretches when nothing much is going on, and you can work on what you want to work on. But that’s the thing. This is a career that should be child’s play for somebody who has been in the military. For somebody who has never had to manage people and doesn’t have much experience as a multitasker and organizer, this could be a career move that could be somewhat overwhelming.

The Military is A Lot Like a Franchise System

Or, if you prefer, the franchise system is a lot like the military. The military and franchises in general, are very rule-oriented, with a system that everybody follows, and there’s a hierarchy of command.

Franchises, in other words, are for people who like structure, rules and order. If you thrived in the military, presumably, you’ll like owning and operating a franchise business.

That said, we think and hope you’ll particularly like owning a Keyrenter Property Management franchise more than other franchises. As already noted or implied, we hope, most of your client’s tenants are going to be living their lives and not dealing with leaky roofs or faucets.

If the properties you oversee are being well-run, owning a property management franchise allows a lot of free time to either keep growing your business or even to pursue other interests.