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Properties can take a beating from season to season. And with summer being a prime time for tenants to move into and out of properties, property managers have their hands full

It’s critical to freshen up the curb appeal of residential rentals to attract tenants. In protecting owners’ investments, property managers can and should take a number of measures to make sure rental properties are ready to beat the summer heat.

Let’s start from the outside.

The Exterior Checklist

Exterior concerns can vary by locale and climate (such as oceanfront properties), but the following generally applies anywhere.

  • Clean the exterior. The outside of a residence is key to a first impression, so give it a good wash. To make it a positive one, be sure to clean dirt and grime from the outside every season. A pressure wash may be required.
  • Manicure landscaping and trees. This is part of the curb appeal, as well. Spring growth can get wild and unkempt, so be sure to trim landscaping features regularly through the summer. Generally, clean the area and remove all weeds.
  • Clean gutters. At least a couple of times a year, make sure gutters are cleared of debris. Clogged gutters are not only unsightly but can also result in serious water damage problems when they don’t flow freely.
  • Outdoor lighting. Exterior illumination is always important but gets more use in summer as tenants spend more time on patios and decks. Make sure all bulbs are working and consider replacing them with energy-efficient solutions.
  • Service air-conditioning. It is an unpleasant surprise for tenants when temperatures spike for the first time, and the central air-conditioning system is on the fritz. Have the system serviced at the start of the summer.
  • Wash patios and decks. Pressure wash or otherwise clean outdoor living areas, including decks and patios. If any of these areas need re-treating or re-sealing, take care of that before summer is in full swing.
  • Repair window screens. Make sure all screens are in good condition, both for appearance and for keeping bugs out.

The Interior Checklist

Once property managers have spruced up the exterior, it’s time to turn your attention indoors.

  • Inspect for mold and water damage. Especially if the property has been unoccupied for a time, with no one there to report issues, you may find water damage and/or mold from any flooding or leaks. Check before summer to nip any mold in the bud before it gets out of hand and becomes more expensive and problematic. Fix any leaks.
  • Check window units. If a residence has one or more window air conditioners instead of a central system, check to make sure they are still working well. If you need to replace them, make sure to do it yourself, or have your team, rather than the tenant, handle it, to avoid damage to the window.
  • Change filters. Be sure any air-conditioning and other filters are fresh.
  • Check appliances. It’s a good idea to check all appliances whenever you have a turnover of tenants, and it’s smart to take a look at them a couple of times a year regardless. Clean out refrigerators, ovens, and stoves while you’re at it.
  • Clean carpets and interiors. This one is obvious, but prep for summer renting should include a thorough cleaning.
  • Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Always make sure good batteries are in these safety devices.
  • Inspect for signs of pests. Tenants may not always report the presence of pests such as roaches, termites, ants, bedbugs, or rodents. Look for signs of these pests and take remedial measures to alleviate them. You may also need to repair gaps in walls, doors, and windows to keep pests out.

Whether you manage a large portfolio of properties or are engaged in a start-up business, this checklist should get your properties in fine shape for summer.

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