Aaron Marshall’s First Article Showcasing the Benefits of a Good Tenant-Landlord Working Relationship is Online Now at Forbes.com

Midvale, Utah – (October 2019) – With nearly two decades of experience in real estate and residential property management, Aaron Marshall, CEO and Co-Founder of Keyrenter Property Management, has earned a contributor role with the prestigious Forbes Real Estate Council. Marshall has spent the past five years growing Keyrenter into a national brand, proving that he has the business and financial leadership skillset to provide timely and relevant content for the exclusive council.

“I am excited to connect and grow professionally with a renowned group of business leaders in the Forbes Real Estate Council,” said Marshall. “I also look forward to sharing my business experience and company core values that have shaped Keyrenter into a national leader in the residential property management industry.”

The Forbes Real Estate Council is a highly selective organization for real estate experts from diverse backgrounds. Marshall was vetted and selected for the council based on his many achievements in business, technology and franchising.

Marshall just wrote his initial article, titled “Managing an Accidental Landlord: Understand Your Tenant Rights to Protect Yourself.” Marshall highlights the important ways residential and commercial tenants can work with their landlords while still protecting their own rights. He discusses how tenants can research their rights, negotiate leases and work with “accidental landlords” who are not professional property managers.

“Accidental landlords are a growing segment of the real estate rental market,” said Marshall. “They are property owners who decide to move out and rent their homes, either because they can no longer afford them or can’t sell the property. My first submission to the Forbes Real Estate Council illustrates how tenants and landlords can work together to create a good working relationship that benefits both parties.”

In his Q&A contribution to “10 Systems Property Managers Can Use to Improve Their Record Keeping,” Marshall discusses the benefits of hiring a transaction coordinator to keep records and document activities. In another contribution, “12 Ways to Ensure You’re Handing Tenants Requests Efficiently,” Marshall recommends good follow-up with tenants to make sure you understand their specific needs before dispatching a solution.

Marshall’s initial article for Forbes Real Estate Council, “Managing an Accidental Landlord: Understand Your Tenant Rights to Protect Yourself” is online now at  https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesrealestatecouncil/2019/10/04/managing-an-accidental-landlord-understand-your-tenant-rights-to-protect-yourself/#11dd891b5f64.

To view Marshall’s guidance in “10 Systems Property Managers Can Use to Improve Their Record Keeping,” please visit https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesrealestatecouncil/2019/09/18/10-systems-property-managers-can-use-improve-their-record-keeping/#437d7cec27c2.

To view Marshall’s advice in “12 Ways to Ensure You’re Handing Tenants Requests Efficiently,” please visit https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesrealestatecouncil/2019/09/20/12-ways-to-ensure-youre-handling-tenant-requests-efficiently/#1f62d43653dc.

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