A KeyRenter property management franchisee performing a trick on his skateboard and posing with his family.

Brandon Scholten has always had an independent spirit. Even before becoming a successful entrepreneur and owning the largest Keyrenter office in the company’s franchise system, Brandon and a group of friends from Colorado started a skateboarding company. The team followed their dream around the world, filming amazing tricks and building skateparks. Their adventures served as important building blocks for Brandon’s future business goals.

After returning to Colorado, Brandon earned a bachelor’s degree in business finance. That was 2007, and it wasn’t long before Brandon realized he wanted more independence when it came to his career. “In my job I was taking on property management responsibilities for a real estate investment group, but I wanted to start something on my own,” says Brandon. “I decided I wanted to be my own boss.”

Part-Time Property Management Leads to Full-Time Company

As a young entrepreneur, Brandon started a side business as a professional property manager. He learned the industry inside and out, from getting a property ready for new tenants to marketing, screening applicants, negotiating leases, collecting rents, and handling repairs. He also obtained a Managing Broker license in the state of Colorado. “It was a lot of hard work, but I enjoyed running my own business and having the flexibility to make my own hours,” says Brandon.

Managing properties for other investors is not Brandon’s only business. He also oversees his own portfolio of investment rental properties in the Denver area. Brandon has a passion for real estate and believes in the value of owning rental properties. So, when he’s working with clients as a professional property manager, he also understands problems from the owner’s perspective.

As a small-business owner, Brandon’s business was doing well. He had a good client base and was also managing his own real estate investments, so why fix what isn’t broken? “The Keyrenter opportunity was knocking on my door,” says Brandon. “It was a good opportunity for me to grow the business beyond my own capacity. I knew how to be a good property manager, but I didn’t know about staffing and scaling the business.”

Growing His Business Through Franchise Ownership

Brandon began to explore the upside of owning a franchise. The company’s website, software, and training helped Brandon merge his current business with his new Keyrenter franchise in Denver. His company went from managing 30 properties and seven clients to more than 450 units. Brandon currently has nine full-time employees and at the age of 34, owns the largest Keyrenter franchise in the company’s system.

When potential franchisees are in their discovery process, this young entrepreneur is happy to discuss his experience with them. His biggest piece of advice is to decide and just go all in! “The people who struggle in this business are just dabbling,” says Brandon. “I didn’t spend time questioning if I made the right decision. I just got to work.”

Brandon’s independent spirit continues to guide his business decisions. He’s a board member for the Denver chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), and was voted to become president-elect in 2020. Though members of the group are competitors in the industry, Brandon is proud that they come together to have fun and support the Denver community. “Our mission is to hold ourselves to a higher standard,” says Brandon. “We focus on education, networking, and following best practices standards in the industry.”

Brandon grew up in Colorado and is proud that he and his wife are raising their two children in the vibrant Denver area.

Are you ready to nurture your entrepreneurial spirit? Does a property management franchise opportunity with Keyrenter sound like it could be right for you? Learn more about franchise opportunities in the United States at https://keyrenter.com/franchise/.