Our win-win business model was a project of love, painstakingly engineered to reduce work time, effort and stress for everyone involved, while you and your clients build a secure financial future.

No prior experience in real estate or property management is required to build a true business empire. What you really need is a desire for success, a professional work ethic, and the ability to pay attention to detail.

The Keyrenter business model is designed to reduce the time, effort, stress and money usually required to start a business. It’s proven to generate recurring monthly income and a steady stream of clients through automation and technology.

Keyrenter is the perfect vehicle toward building equity in retirement.

Why Property Management?

Property management is not dependent on the state of the economy. In fact, the existing economy and real estate market has created a meteoric business trend resulting in a prime opportunity for the residential property management sector.

  • Absentee property ownership is on the rise.
  • First-time home owners are disappearing as lending restrictions tighten.
  • More people are renting instead of buying.
  • Everyone needs a place to live.

Combine these factors, and you have a “perfect storm” effect that will explode the residential property management sector. The truth is, there’s never been a better time to consider a franchise business in this booming industry.

Residential property management is not a passing fad. It is an important and necessary service that will continue to show increased demand. It can generate recurring revenue that grows larger and quicker than most people imagine.