Automation & Technology

Through a fully integrated website, proprietary software and automated systems, Keyrenter has changed the game of residential property management. Automation and technology are key to the reduction of time, effort and stress associated with property management. All of this means higher volume and more profit to you and your clients.


Our mission is to simplify the property management business so it is easier to do and make money. Our KeyAssist program helps with accounting, data entry, and offers general support. Third party solutions are also available for tenant screening, lead management, rental inquires, and even after-hour emergency calls.


This is our Proprietary state-of-the-art workflow management system that prioritizes and assigns tasks associated with KeyWare making accounting and daily business operations easy.

While our competition sends calls to voicemail, drowns in paperwork, and shuffles through a chaotic life with a frazzled expression, Keyrenter franchise owners provide a better service in an eco-friendly environment and are happy to be alive.

Keyrenter Property Management Franchise strives to be as green as we can be. All documentation, including applications and contracts, can be completed online. No more driving around town, burning up gas to show rentals. Virtual tours are available online, and a Keybox system is in place for on-site tours. The Keybox monitoring system gathers information about potential tenants prior to granting property access. It also monitors when they enter and leave the premises.

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Brandon Scholten

Owner, Keyrenter Denver, CO