Is Keyrenter Right for Me?

The research, development and time investment have already been made. To meet our aggressive expansion goals, we seek like-minded business associates with high business standards and ethics. If your personal goals include wealth accumulation and improved quality of life, Keyrenter may be the right choice for you.

No prior experience in real estate or property management is required to build a true business empire, but general business experience will put you ahead of the learning curve.

We take strict precautions to protect our brand, reputation and increase the success rate of our franchisees. Because of this, we must be selective in our expansion process. The personality profile of the ideal franchise owner includes all of the traits listed below:

• Honest and ethical value system
• Entrepreneurial spirit and mind-set
• Enjoys working with people
• Good communication, marketing and networking skills
• Driven to provide excellent customer service
• Understands the concept of giving back
• Financially stable
• Management and staffing ability

Each Keyrenter Franchise candidate must be willing and able to fulfill the following tasks:

1. Participate in training and develop understanding of all Keyrenter systems
2. Recruit, hire and train staff while ensuring their access to corporate support
3. Learn, understand and abide all fair housing laws and regulations
4. Manage staff or hire business manager
5. Build brand awareness and participate in marketing campaigns

Some states require property management or real estate licenses to negotiate lease agreements, but there are exceptions. If a professional license is required, don’t let that be your deterrent. You may decide to obtain a real estate license yourself or hire someone who already has one. On-line courses with preparation/practice exams typically yield quick and successful results for obtaining license. Courses generally cost between $300-$600 and they may take 2-6 weeks to complete. We are here to guide you through the process.

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David Conyers

Owner, Keyrenter Sarasota