Marketing & Advertising

While starting your new business, the last thing you need to worry about is learning how to market your company online. Advertising is critical to the success of any real estate related business. Without a successful online marketing strategy, you will be losing out on the majority of your potential market.

Years of extensive research, analysis of our exact target marketing techniques, and a sound understanding of the real estate industry, have led to brand recognition and a strong online presence for Keyrenter Property Management in local market areas.

Each Keyrenter Property Management Franchise includes a professionally designed, fully integrated website and basic on-line marketing plan that includes:

  • On-page SEO to increase online traffic
  • Brand enhancement using content marketing and social media platforms
  • Initial setup of social media sites
  • Over 50 citation postings
  • Basic marketing assistance is always available through Keyrenter Franchise. Nobody in property management “gets” online marketing like we do.

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Jim Elfline

Franchise Owner & President