Top Ten Benefits of Keyrenter Franchise

1. Recession Proof Industry

Keyrenter is not dependent on the economy. In fact, the current market has created a meteoric business trend resulting in a prime opportunity for residential property management. Rental properties are on the rise and there has never been a better time for our booming industry.

2. Recurring Monthly Revenue

A key to successful business models, recurring monthly revenue lets you make a sale just once but reap the benefits on a continuous basis. The average life span of a Keyrenter management contract is four years.

3. Recipe for Success

We’ve engineered KeySystems to increase profits, create more time for relationships, and reduce the carbon footprint we leave on this planet.

4. Automation

Keyrenter has changed the game of property management through automation and technology. Less errors, chaos, turnover, expense and stress allow you to manage more properties with less people, time and effort.

5. Time For Life

Family friendly hours and flexibility is another advantage offered by Keyrenter.

6. High Return On Low Capital Investment

The initial capital investment is only  $39,000 – $89,000 depending on the size of market, and the profit potential is huge.

 7. Less Risk

Our tried and proven business model is designed to reduce risk. No inventory, no retail lease requirement, and no expensive build out costs all equate to less financial exposure for you.

8. Prime Territory

Unlike competitors who are sold out in many regions, we are actively expanding in all major metro markets.

9. Retirement Builder

Multiple revenue streams are key to building real equity towards retirement. A successful Keyrenter franchise includes an attractive and solid exit strategy.

10. No Experience Required

No prior experience is required to own a Keyrenter Franchise. Real estate licensing is required in most states to perform some activities related to property management. This should not be a deterrent to the right candidate.

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Your space to find a place!

"With quality homes for rent, lease purchase, or sale, and of experience in the market, why go anywhere else to find your next home rent? Let Keyrenter assist in finding the right place for the right price!"
They start you on 3rd base, so you can take it from there an take off… KeyAssist is amazing
Mat Zalk

Owner, Keyrenter Tulsa

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