How Keyrenter is Different

Step ahead of the curve…

Keyrenter Franchise is the ultimate business model in residential property management. Each and every system was painstakingly developed to reduce the time, money, effort and stress associated with doing business. Through the use of KeySystems, franchise owners can handle more properties without the chaos and expense. It enables them to focus on building their Keyrenter Property Management business to capture a higher share of the market and outpace competitors.

Proprietary software, combined with years of extensive research, analysis of our exact target marketing techniques, and a sound understanding of the real estate industry, have led to brand recognition and a strong online presence for Keyrenter’s local market areas. Our professionally designed Keyrenter website is a proven virtual lead generation machine.

A Keyrenter Property Management Franchise enables you to step ahead of the learning curve and take advantage of the secrets learned from our success. Our technologically advanced systems are proven to generate passive recurring monthly revenue, while you build real equity toward retirement.

The benefits derived from our goals and business philosophies extend to everyone: franchise owners, staff, property owners and tenants. We strongly believe that relationships are the foundation to our success and value system. Giving back is part of our culture and improved quality of life is just another byproduct of our business.

Keyrenter Franchise strives to be as green as we can be. We have built eco-friendly systems to reduce the carbon footprint we leave on this planet. We are virtually a paperless company and we have drastically reduced the travel time typically associated with the property management industry.

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The support from the Corp office has been Great, …I could not have done this on my own.
Jonathan Sempsrott

Owner, Keyrenter Austin, TX