Through Keyrenter Cares, the community service brand of the organization, each office is able to give back in ways that are meaningful and rewarding to all involved. There are many opportunities to serve and it is encouraged to find a list of options and schedule at least one small service oriented activity per quarter. It may be appropriate to include vendors, clients, tenants, and the public in Keyrenter Cares sponsored activities.

It is critical that all staff have an opportunity to serve. This does not mean that all staff must serve at the same time or even the same day, although there may be opportunities to close the office for a full or part day in order to carry out a service project.

Not all service opportunities require financial capital as there are many free options and opportunities to include vendor sponsorships.

Some examples of service opportunities include:

  • Serve at local food kitchen
  • Serve at local school district in tutoring students
  • Teach english at the office location
  • Serve with the Habitat for Humanity
  • Make a Wish Foundation
  • Children’s Hospitals