City Garden Project

Year 2019 | Salt Lake City, Utah

The team from Keyrenter Property Management Salt Lake took part in the City Garden Project, which is an extension of the Meals on Wheels program. The project is coordinated by the Salt Lake County Department of Aging and Adult Services to provide meals for homebound older adults.

Through the City Garden Project, vegetables are grown in the Salt Lake County gardens. Between August and October, when the bounty of harvest is plentiful, volunteers are needed to wash, sort, and bag the food. It’s then distributed to eligible seniors through the Meals on Wheels program.

Every Friday, for about six weeks, members of the Salt Lake City office would send a couple of volunteers to help prepare the harvested vegetables for delivery.

“It was fun because the groceries were sorted in the atrium of the Salt Lake County Building, which connects to the Senior Housing Tower,” said Ryland Sloat, Client Success Manager for Keyrenter Salt Lake. “Elderly residents would come down and visit with us while we were sorting produce. It was a good time making friends and sharing stories.”